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At the beginning of the 15th Century Portuguese navigators embarked on the first sea voyages exploring the oceans and discovering new lands.
On those voyages they found rich cultures and commodities that animated an intense maritime trade.
In Quinto Império II, players are captains of a “caravel” sailing ship and during their turn they roll 3 dice that they use to perform 3 actions.
With their dice they move their caravel to travel around the world, stopping in commercial ports, buying gold or commodities that are used to built monuments or create Portuguese landscape gardens. They can also visit schools of “astrolabe”, where they can be educated in and develop navigation technologies.
The game includes 300 question cards about Portuguese history and culture and other trivia.
The winner is the player who masters the voyage, building more monuments or discovering more commodities, eventually earning the most victory points.

—description from the publisher

2 - 4

30 - 45 min

David M Santos-Mendes

Marina Costa

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