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When the cat’s away, the mice will play. But the mean black cat is still close when you try to fill your tummy with all the yummy food from the pantry and say “Mmm!”. The players are mice feeding on the Smiths’ food in their pantry and should not be caught by the family’s cat.

Roll three dice on each turn and place at least one die on food space which matches the symbol on the die. You can reroll the remaining dice as long as you place at least one die each time. When you've placed all your dice, your turn is done. If you fail to place any dice during your turn, the cat will move one step closer to the pantry. If you placed all your dice on food spots, you need to hurry and cover them with mouse tokens, lest the cat still moves closer to the pantry. Try to cover all the food spaces on the board, or the mean black cat will reach the pantry and end the game.

Mmm! is a cooperative game for the smallest, but with special rules for ages 7 and up, it is also fun for the whole family! The two-sided board allows for both easy and more difficult play as the children grow.

1 - 6

15 - 20 min

Reiner Knizia

Andreas Resch

¡Mmm!, Myszki w opałach

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