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Landlord is back! This first work of Friedemann Friese from 1992 has never lost its appeal with gamers worldwide, and now you may at last blast buildings, kill tenants, and cause trouble for your fellow players.

In Friese's Landlord you are all ruthless landlords trying to earn as much money as you can. All sorts of tenants move into your houses: the family, a man with a dog, sometimes even odd ones. All tenants dream of getting a premium apartment, but most often you offer them low rent flats. But beware of squatters! With the help of various action cards you try to get essential advantages or defend yourself against mean attacks, at the expense of your fellow players if necessary – or even the poor tenants!

Friese's Landlord includes 120 full-colored cards with new tenants, brand-new coins and a fully updated rules sheet.

In the end, the player who squeezes the most money out of his tenants still wins!

2 - 6

40 min

Friedemann Friese

Lars-Arne "Maura" Kalusky

Les Proprios, Il Padrone Di Casa , El Casero , Frieses Wucherer , Krwiopijca , Rentier

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